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KMX Logistics, Inc.

KMX Logistics, Inc.

KMX Logistics, Inc. and KenMar Express, Inc. are dedicated to providing 100% on time pick-up and delivery service and 100% customer satisfaction at a fair and equitable price.



KMX has more than 100 years of combined experience in the transportation industry.


We are family-owned and operated with three generations involved in the business.


Specializing in sourcing trucks for perishable, expedited, white-glove, drayage, out-of-gauge, and airfreight shipments

KMX Logistics, Inc.
KMX Logistics, Inc.
Providing 100% Satisfaction

Our Mission at KMX Logistics

Our mission has remained the same for over four decades, KMX Logistics and KenMar Express are dedicated to go above and beyond for customers. Whether it is an entire truckload or a small package, we are dedicated to providing 100% satisfaction for customers.

KMX Logistics, Inc.
Servicing all of North America

From Mexico to Alaska and everywhere in between

With decades-long relationships with Canadian carriers & Mexico-based companies, KMX Logistics excels at cross-border shipments. The team has developed a streamlined approach in the customs process while working step-by-step with carriers to ensure your freight is transported in a timely fashion. 

KMX Logistics, Inc.
KMX Logistics, Inc.

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KMX Logistics, Inc.
Practicing Safety at Every Turn

The Scores Tell the Story

The detailed approach and extensive network of carriers has allowed KMX Logistics & KenMar Express the rare accomplishment of near-perfection of executing safe deliveries & claim-free shipments.  95% of loads handled are subject to the toughest performance standards in the business and our claims rate over the past 20 years is less than 1/10th of 1%. With LIVE tracking offered on any shipment, your freight is being monitored at all times.

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